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Elevate Merchants offers merchant account, payment gateway, and check processing services. We offer our services at no cost or obligation to the customer. With our offer of 6 basis points and 6 cents per transaction, we guarantee to save you money!

Customer Benefits:

  • Four Top National Processors with Exclusive Direct Pricing
  • Online Payment Solutions
  • Mobile Payment Solutions
  • Secure Payment Processing
  • PCI Compliant



    Elevate Merchants makes it simple - 6 basis points and 6 cents over interchange cost. This is net processing directly from the processor. We cut the banks and the ISO’s out of the process, saving you money.

    Elevate Merchants places you with a processor that most closely aligns with your business sector. No more equipment to buy, no more new software to learn, and a direct connection to your processor for specialized support. Your direct connection to the processor allows for real time reporting. You can see what is happening in your business even if you are not there. In many cases funding for transactions can process the next business day.

    As an Elevate Merchants client you have access to our extensive network of suppliers and you receive the benefit of our total group pricing. Check processing, gift cards, loyalty cards, debit and credit cards, ACH transactions, gateway services, employee benefits programs, ATM machines, professional staff training, and loans to our merchants are some of the services we offer.

    Experience faster response time with a direct connection to your processor. Elevate Merchants will assist you in any issue that needs resolution. Our team has well over 100 years of experience in resolving merchant disputes and we work only for you, our client.

    Business development, motivation, and inspiration are products our program brings to you that not only save money, but also help to increase sales and clients. Cutting costs is important but increasing revenue in these times is our goal for all our clients.

    Because our network is so large we can board 97% of all the applications, equipment, software, internet, and mobile applications available in the market today. We employ the most advanced technology available with the top processors and gateways in the world. Elevate Merchants resides in our own cloud so we link you directly to the reports you need every day to run your business.

    Elevate Merchants sets up each client with monthly online and hard copy reports. With real-time data and analytics, you can see what is happening in your business 24/7, and in many cases funding for transactions can be available the next day.
Merchant Accounts

Merchant Accounts

Our processing network reaches around the world.
Gateway Services

Gateway Services

We make sure you get what you need to run your business smoothly.
Check Processing

Check Processing

Electronic check and ACH can reduce your costs.

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